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Indoor Air Quality Services in Clarksville, IN, Jeffersonville, IN, Louisville, KY and the Metro Region

Beware the hype! Indoor air quality (IAQ) is a really hot topic in the heating & air industry, for both negative and positive reasons.  The negative side is that many businesses will capitalize on your health and safety fears to sell you accessories that you really do not need.  What follows is information which will hopefully help you decide what is and is not appropriate for your home and budget. We feel that a quality filtration system and possibly a humidifier are essential for a good H.V.A.C. system, for health, comfort and efficiency.  Your specific circumstances may dictate a need for additional accessories.


There are certainly other considerations: smoke detectors (a real no-brainer, do not forget to change your batteries annually), radon testing (maybe useful in a small percentage of homes, but we do not do this), carbon monoxide detectors (a useful safety accessory though did you realize that there is enough carbon monoxide outside your home to set off a detector? and the detectors do require a regular service call for testing), and testing for bacteria (we do not do this, do not recommend it in 99.9% of situations and strongly caution you to beware of scams – there is bacteria everywhere, just because someone swabs your tabletop and shows you bacteria does not mean that you have a health and safety concern).

Indoor Air Quality Service We Provide is Listed Below:

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